Put this on your Bucket List, Heli Skiing

H E L I – S K I

Probably one of the most indulgent things you can do in life is use helicopters to get around. They’re dream machines capable of cutting out travel time and getting you to locations that aren’t humanly possible. They are also a photographers dream, assisting us in unique angles, effortlessly. Bit higher please, bit lower please…can we land on that patch of snow kind sir? The possibilities are endless.

Today I was fortunate to go Heli Skiing just out of Queenstown in The Remarkables with 3 pro boarder/skiers and a fearless 14 year old kid who wagged school to come with us. It’s a great concept, fly in the mountains, find something that remotely looks rideable…throw the crew out and shoot them carving down the slopes. 1st tracks every time. No signs of other humans, ok maybe just Bear Grylls…but it’s really something you should put on your bucket list.Even though we didn’t get head high powder, it’s still amazing just being up there.

If you’d like to fly over the ditch and see what I’m talking about, Air New Zealand are running a special sale, that ends today – $150 off airfares to NZ. Click Here

What next aye? Heli-Surf? Stay tuned…:: uge

NZ boarding master, Stef Zeestraten out in white

The Remarkables...amazing scenery

14 year old Noah Regan-Roach

Nick Rapley, he likes to jump off things...

Stef + Stef jumping into the lake - Queenstown, New Zealand

Wanaka boarder, Stef Luxton carving some new lines

Yes - this IS living! Queenstown, NZ

Stef Luxton, on edge

Once you get to the bottom, this is the best way back up

12 thoughts on “H E L I – S K I

  1. Hey uge – maybe look at taking a jet boat ride up the Dart River you will get some excellent shots..or take the helicopter if available

  2. Hi Uge,Which company did you do the heli ski with?
    I’m in queenstown in 2 wks and am really considering on ticking this one off the list 🙂

    1. Nathan, call Helicopter Line, Queenstown.

      Chris Roach (Roachie) Ops Manager
      027 480 6205
      Brad Patterson
      021 615 048

      Its amazing and you must do it…uge

      1. Hey Uge,

        Am in Queenstown in 3 weeks and thinking of doing it as well. Have heli-boarded before but not in NZ. There seem to be quite a few companies in Queensland doing it. What made you choose Helicopter Line? How much do they charge for a day if you don’t mind me asking?

        The pics are amazing by the way and looks like it was a lot of fun!!


  3. Gavin – lucky enough to have done this a few years in Qtown – best company is Southern Lakes Heli Co.
    They have the largest area of terrain and the best guides. Ask for Russ in the office – legend!
    Prcies vary considerably – best method if you have you and four buddies is to get a private charter – pretty much unlimited runs and you can choose your drops/lines.
    Otherwise a 7 run day will cost about a gorilla – best way to burn cash ever!
    Get in to mate!

  4. Hi Nathan and Gavin.

    It was great to take Eugene out yesterday to show him how heliskiing works with Harris Mountains Heliski.

    If you are keen on going out heliskiing while you are here your best bet is to contact our office to get the latest update on conditions etc. In September you are typically going to get spring snow conditions but going on the last couple of years the weather has resulted in some good late season dumps. On our website you will find also our blog and an ability questionnaire that will give you your ability to heliski. If you need any more info please email me on brad@totallytourism.co.nz Cheers Brad

  5. Hey Brad and Nick,

    Thanks for the information, much appreciated. I know it is a bit of a gamble going later in the season but there is a group of us going and it was when everybody could go due to various commitments. One of my mates is coming now as well and he is keen on doing the help-skiing as well (can’t get 4 recruits unfortunately Nick!). Will just have to see what the conditions are like closer to the time but will be praying to the snow gods on a daily basis!!!



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