Nothing like a morning Jet Boat to wake you up, 9am Queenstown


Different pace today…no helicopters. Had a look around Queenstown – the scenery is off the hook, in every direction you look. I will let the pictures do all the talking.

The day started with a Jet Boat down the Shotover River. Wow. The boats swing so close to the rocks you could pat them…they reckon they’ve never lost a boat which I find amazing. They reminded me of some of my Indo boat drivers.

Ok ok…I’m hitting the road now to meet up with Kiwi surf legend Maz Quinn in Dunedin (I’m told there’s a few waves around). Fingers crossed Cuzi’s.

Later :: uge

If you want more information on a trip to EN-ZED (NZ), check this out

Red Phone Box, Arrowtown

Trees, lots of em

That view never gets old. Queenstown, New Zealand

Maybe we should trade in those tacky Palms on Campbell Pde

Shotover Gorge

Historic gold mining town, Arrowtown

5 thoughts on “S H O T O V E R

  1. Just wondering Eug.. Have u been to to Glenorky and Paradise.. Its where they shot sone Lord of the Rings .. It’s a day drive.. Some more amazing scenery along the way.

  2. Pic 41957-beautiful view uge…… Ever considered the Cairngorms in Scotland, UK? Just as majestic and grand. So grateful for yr daily input from Aus/NZ-well worth gettin up for!

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