Maz Quinn, frontside finner, Aramoana, Dunedin, EN-ZED

A o t e a r o a

Hey Cuzi’s. Having the best time over here EN-ZED (NZ). Today we scored some pretty epic waves at Aramoana, but the local boys still called it a 4 out of 10. Sets broke 4-6 foot, hollow, in front of a scenic giant cliff – yes, I frothed. The friendly local surf community (totally 5 or 6) took the day off work to enjoy decent waves in the sun. But I’m told there are waves most days and they don’t get much done around here.

Today I shot in the water for a few hours. Ok, she’s real cold, but with amazing wetsuits available today it doesn’t really hinder your performance too much. For example I wore a 5mm/3mm O’Neill Psycho + hoodies + booties + gloves and was toasty. The cold water keeps the line up empty…that’s for sure.

Sadly this is the last Aquabumps update from New Zealand. This amazing En-Zed trip was made possible with the help of so many good folk. In particular the girls at Tourism NZ (Louise Bernauer), Air New Zealand, Destination Queenstown and Destination Dunedin, Derek Morrison, Maz Quinn, Josh Jenkins, Giselle Regan, Chopper pilots, Heli Ski guides, Surf guides…cheers Bros!

If you want to do a trip like this one, go to


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Old buildings legacy of the gold rush days, Dunedin NZ

How good is that back drop? Dunedin, NZ


Dogga (Luke Murphy), moody snap

Local water photog, Derek Morrison check out Dunedin Light

Maz winding up for a backhand stab, Aramoana, Dunedin, NZ

Dogga. Day off. Aras


Leroy Rust at his local, Aramoana, Dunedin

Maz Quinn, tucking in

8 thoughts on “A o t e a r o a

  1. Gorgeous shots Uge. Unbelievable scenery and spectacular water helps! Can I ask what will probably be a world class dumb question … how do you not get water droplets on the lens each time?

    1. Hi Jane,

      The way I get water drops off the lens is by dunking it under the water and pulling it back up out of the water with the lens facing down to the water.

      Or you could lick the lens and get all the water drops off it that way.

      Thats just the way I do it, Uge might do it a different and probably better way.


    2. The trick to no water drops is to rub the port (glass/plastic) with raw potato juice (cut in half potato) before heading out. Don’t ask me why, it just works.

  2. Great photos, and awesome you are promoting Aramoana (note spelling).
    It truly is a world class wave.

    Please also be aware that this surfbreak is under real threat from destruction from recently approved consents to dump dredged spoil from the otago harbour in the immediate swell corridor of this surfbreak, and another surfbreak around the corner.

    Both these surfbreaks are protected by national policy as Surfbreaks of National Significance.

  3. Thank you for covering Dunedin this week! I am MOVING there TOMORROW! Cosmic timing! This is taking my excitement to the next level!

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