The girls having a crack, Bondi 6:30am


Seems to be a bit of a swell drought on at the moment. The lack of low pressuries makes for fine weather, just not fine surfing.

South facing swell magnets (AKA Bondeye) would draw a little mal wave, but don’t get too excited. Waist to occasionally shoulder high perhaps?

Looks small all week.

Tomorrow is going to be a banging 23 degrees.

Who’s ya Daddy? This Sunday 1st September is Father’s Day. Go on spoil him. He deserves it. Our freshly renovated Aquabumps Gallery is stocked with so many goodies for him. Buy our book today and we will next day post it to you anywhere in Oz. Living overseas? Order stuff online and it will get delivered directly to Pops. I always think a Gift Card is the best way…then he can come in, mind surf some barrel photos and blow one up for his Man Cave.

A d i o s : : u g e

Sam, lucky tubes

I love the morning light

K-Ron Lewis, attempting to get under the lip

Bay swim

Lefts that lead you into the rocks

Sam, tucking in nice and tight

It's a patience game today friends.

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