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The sand banks at Bondi have reached an all-time low vrtually making it unsurfable. We need a serious storm to change the setup. I noticed someone has proactively hired a bulldozer to move sand around – that’s a start but nothing beats a raging north storm to push all the sand into our corner.

A new ground swell has arrived as forecasted, we just need a reef for it to break on – something, anything.

It’s a beautiful day outside – just like the past 3 months. 23 degrees forecasted but it feels a lot warmer.

Today is national RUOK day. RUOK is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging all people to regularly and meaningfully ask ‘are you ok?’ to support those struggling with life. Good to see the local surf community got right behind it. More Info

Are you ok?

:: u g e

R U OK day today, Are you ok?

South Bondi right now...need some banks out the back

I do.

Bank maker 3000

El closeout

The elements at Ben Buckler this morning

Dr. Will Mooney

This is about all you can do at the moment at Bondi

Taj taught himself to ride a Unicycle on Youtube


North Bondi Pool

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  1. Hey UGE, have you thought about adding a magnifying glass type option to your site?
    So punters can zoom in for ID verification before purchasing?

    Just a thought,

    cheers mate – love the pics.

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