This is what a pro surfer does when Bondi has sections, Perth Standlick.


Don’t be sad about those grey skies. It’s those grey skies and low pressure systems that create waves.

The swell has arrived and Bondi was fun yesterday/today. So fun. I can’t believe we are surfing waves that break above our heads! Let’s party. It’s been a while.

Today was relatively uncrowded at Bondeye – being a Monday. I’d say head high with NE winds. Those NE winds are going to blow hard this afternoon though (30 knots).

Should be waves for most of this week.

Other random, but (maybe) interesting things :

  • North Bondi Italian (NBi) is for sale. Looks like the Empire is collapsing in rough waters. End of an era down there. SMH article But hey Tavoli, China Doll, Harris Farm, Messina are all opening up in the new Boehme on Hall Street.
  • Our buddies at David Carr Security will give Aquabumps readers $50 off lock work if you spend over $200. Call ’em 9389 8543 – they recently decked out my gallery and did great work with CCT cameras, alarms and locks. I can even watch you shop in the gallery when I am in Hawaii! (creepy – I know)
  • If you’re a mum and wanna surf…there is a Surfing Mother’s group down at Bondi Beach. Call Jade 0402 559 234
  • If you are a Mastercard holder and order my award winning “Day at Bondi” Book, you’ll get a free “The Colours of Bondi” mini print worth $35 – but again, only for Mastercard buyers. Order deal online now
  • Today we should tick over 90,000 Facebook crew and 25,000 Insty followers. Not sure where you all came from, but thanks for stopping by.

Enough rambles.

: : u g e

Dancing queen, Bondi 7am

Flyboy Perth Standlick is back in town...


Backhand whips in the South

Local grom, Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson, lip tap

Fin burner

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