Bondi. Perth, that’s a ridiculously large unassisted air. Take a bow my friend.


Oh man it blew last night. It blew so hard that balconies are collapsing in Bondi (read news).

What a storm hey? She brewed up some beefy swell for this morning though. Bondi had waves in the 3-5 foot range with a new ENE swell. Fortunately the winds have passed and now it’s time to surf. Biggest day in a long, long time. Yes, it’s exciting.

The winds were NW this morning, perfect direction for airs, even though I can’t even get close to doing ‘em.

See you tomorrow :: u g e

Really this guy shoots all these photos...Jet W Tan

Chunky rights, yew


Structured cutty

Only a very large powerful human could displace that much water, Gezza B

Tyson Millar, our latest gallery recruit

Shift change

Perth, frontside into the breeze

4 thoughts on “G U S T Y

  1. Awesome shots as usual.
    Purely my opinion – would be great to see some shots of some bigger waves seeing as there is some swell around – even if its a closeout

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