Manly, 6:00am, Blake Thornton smoking the corner


With all this north swell in town I felt compelled to shoot something different, something more exposed. I ventured over the ditch and ended up in Manly. Manly loves a bit of north swell. Did you know that Manly was named after the indigenous people that lived there? Captain Arthur Phillip said the “”their confidence and manly behaviour made me give the name of Manly”.

Manly is a nice place. It’s kinda same-same but different to Bondi. Once upon a time I lived there. The surf crowds are the same, hectic. The pace does seem to be a tad slower. They have 14,000 residents where Bondi only has 10,000 (but probably in half the space). Manly’s 17 km’s from the city which makes it feel a little bit holiday townish. The people are friendly and today they had the same chubby, soft waves that we experience in Bondi.

Swell is dropping, but there are some decent scraps left. It’s a little weak being a short period windswell.

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Have a nice afternoon : : u g e

Soft sanders delight

Nice (burnt) left, Manly

2 dudes in 1st light

Manly, Queenscliff. Jump rock

Manly sunrise, 5 something a.m.

Cold in...

Grommet pop

Everyone went for a surf today!

Manly, Blake Thornton shredding the top off

6 thoughts on “N O R T H I E S

  1. Your first photo- Manly 6:00 am, is, i think, one of the best surfing images i have seen (dob 1953). Earth,water,fire and air. Beautiful water texture too.

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