Spring in ya step, Tamarama path


Here’s the vitals of today. It’s a good one to be outside and a bonus to be at the beach.

2-3ft east swell. 12 knots of WSW wind. Hell fat high tide at 7:50am. Low at 2pm.

I drove around all the Eastern beaches and they were all suffering under high-tide-itis. Tamarama had the wonkiest wave I’ve ever seen and Bondi was pretty fluffy. By the time you get this email the lower tide will reveal goodness. Seeing it’s an East swell, which effectively enters most beaches you’ll find something at your local.

Taj Burrow just won Hurley Pro at Trestles and Mick Fanning is leading the world tour rankings. Go Aussies.

E n d s : : u g e

The wobbliest wave in the world, Tamarama on high

The Soviet Hospital. Tamarama. Needs love.

Keen as mustard, Bondi

Sam Cockle, trademark half hook

Cold in the water today, colder than yesterday

Arlen, nursing a extra soft cutty on Bondi high tide fatness

Wanna surf

Tamarama, heading out.

Broken sticks

Wonky tonk....Tamarama

2 thoughts on “T W I S T E D

  1. The soviet hospital….that comment had me laughing out loud. Pretty much sums up the quality of buildings in the eastern subs.

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