Blake Thornton, wings out and ready to hook it back to the foam


This morning I dug deep into the camera cupboard and pulled out my first lens – the 15mm Canon F2.8 Fisheye. For about 8 years it was my only lens to shoot in the water with. That’s all I could afford. It’s all hacked up now, the auto focus button is missing and Dave Kelly sawed off the protecting lens rims. It looks like something out of Mad Max. Nonetheless it still works and has great optics.

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with this lens. I haven’t used it in years for few reasons…the GoPro revolution saturated photosphere with billions of wide angle action surfing shots…Clarkie Baby Little added a few more million to the pile…oh and it can be tortuous to shoot with mainly because it’s so wide angle the subjects have to be right under your nose. That’s ok on a little consistent hollow reef break – but sometimes beachie work can consist of swimming for hours without a single decent shot. But…for capturing a fast action moment… I can put you right in the water with the surfer seeing what they see…even from your office desks.

So here’s the fruits of a glorious morning swim (with my buddy the fisheye) at Maroubra beach with fun little chest high peaks.

What a (beach) day.

:: uge

Coogee sunrise zombie crawlers

Blake, butchering this one

Text book fisheye in the tube shot.

Springs coiled, trimming in the fast lane down the line

One palm.

Maroubra curls

Blake, wrap around

Remember these things?

Man grommets get out there!

Maroubra cavity

Maroubra, a beach day coming right up!

4 thoughts on “F I S H I N G

    1. Incredible invention, wish I thought of it. I’d be retired on the north shore of Hawaii by now.

      They serve a great purpose in the market. Shoot photos in the water, for cheap. For cheap cheap.

      But printing anything from them….no way…good for your personal facebook page and insty, but anything serious would be hard to stretch the res.

  1. Wether camera in the barrel or not. Your dam good at it. And by the way, so 12 megapixel isn’t enough to stretch out a good image. And if so, water housing on my canon is the best option? Thanks.

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