Somewhere is going off today....just not around here


Today is one of those days where you can’t help but think you are missing out. There is so much swell around and the winds are gentle (at the moment). It’s just our Eastern Suburbs beaches can’t hold this much swell.

Somewhere on the coast will be going off right now. South swell, North winds…hit it, especially on the incoming tide. Drive far away and find some reef.

Yesterday was an action packed day at Bondi…huge crowds, huge swell, Angelina Jolie, the looping Red Barron, ambulances blazing up and down Campbell Parade…Bondi turns into such a hectic place at this time of year. So much going on!

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Warpy water at Mackenzies this morning

Local tough guys, Adrian and Peter

Bondi 6:00am, vert reo

Tamarama swim

Big sets


The body language says it all, the boys not so sure about paddling out

Early morning game

One thought on “F O M O

  1. it looked difficult in the water this morning, close out sets, big rips and few ‘ridable’ ones. though two fellas each with their own patch in the south were doing well.

    tomorrow: small waves + warm weather = big crowds. see you there!

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