Waimea Bay - 20 foot sets today...it is on the decline



Yesterday was a very strange day here on the North Shore of Oahu. It was busy. I’m talking as busy as a Pipeline Masters final. The Kam Highway was broken – 2 hours to Halewia from Pipe (normally 15 minutes). Thousands of people did the 45 minute schlep from Honolulu to see the rumoured giant swell, the biggest in 40 years some said. It’s a bit like Chinese whispers. Everyone here talks about the surf…the forecast was for 20 foot but that somehow got exaggerated into 50 foot killer waves washing the North Shore away. Friends in Waikiki said all the hotel staff talked up 60 foot monsters! Oh boy, you gotta laugh. So for all those thousands of people that came to the North Shore to see 30 knot onshore, unsurfable 20 foot yesterday – it would have looked like a south storm at Bondi in the middle of winter – lame!

Today was a different story and The Kam highway is back to its country quiet self. Waimea is still breaking 20 foot but the winds are now better and it’s surfable! Yes! Only 70 guys out.

Have a great day, ::uge

What ever it takes to get the shot

Vans are the only eateries on the North Shore.

Decent wave at Waimea


Square one on the Waimea shorey today

Waimea Bay rights

Sunset Beach homes are at risk last night...

Quads, very popular here

Getting off the shoreline is the hardest part I reckon

Fun for all the family

5 thoughts on “A F T E R

  1. interesting to see they still share waves in hawaii ,
    i shared many a wave with jose angel and others at sunset in 1965
    i still rate sunset as one of the great waves in the world although surfing has changed so much with the shorter board and you are able to do a lot more manouvers then with the longboard

    keep up the great photos and enjoy the greatest place on earth


    rod francis

  2. Thought ya would have jumped a plane to Maui, Everyman and his dog there but some pretty historic shit went down

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