Girls were out in force this morning, Bondi 7am

Ladies Day

It’s great to see the girls out-numbering the boys in the line up at Bondi. More please.

After a rainy weekend we have glorious sunshine – you bewdy! The only missing ingredient is swell…it’s currently a grovel @ waist high. Word on the street is that it may come up slightly this afternoon.

The ASP has a fancy new logo…pretty isn’t it? The tour kicked off yesterday at Snapper Rocks with the Quiky Pro. Dane looked like a new man (focused and surfing responsibly), Slater was finding tubes when there were none, Taj was on fire and Jon Jon and Medina always a pleasure to the eye. I reckon Snapper is one of the best contests to watch on the tour…it’s such a rippable wave (when not high tide). Next call is at 11am today…swell looks small all week. Who you betting on? Comment here

I am currently selling a couple of Canon lenses on ebay. 300mm IS F2.8 Version I and 24-70mm F2.8 Version I. Both in good nic, used…but working perfectly.

Adios :: ugios




Foamie Wheelie Bondi 7:45am

Ladies day

Bondi 7:30am, not big today!

Need a step ladder Miss Antarctica


Nils, fancy foot work

Go girls!

Never seen Chug up so early...

7 thoughts on “Ladies Day

  1. Thanks for showing women surfers. They are all strong dedicated athletes as well. It would be good to see them more often rather than just as a novelty.

      1. would be good to see the same folk in the water when it’s larger… and colder.

        actually, no it wouldn’t. stay home.

      2. Paul I see Miss Antarctica out there 1foot 8 foot in a bikini – no guys…no one…good on ya girls

  2. all these women for such small swell just goes to prove something we already know.

    size does not matter.

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