Mali and coloured skies

Fire + Water

Contrasty down the beach this morning. At around 3am it bucketed down. At 6am it seemed to be clearing. At 6:30am the sky lit up with deep reds…but it went back to grey moments after. The waves have picked up slightly…but it is still 2 foot and dribbly. Surprised how clear the water was underneath – especially with all this rain.

The surf will be tiny all week. The weekend will see a increase. Looking foward to that.

Seeya, uge

Surfacing, Bondi 6:45am

Fire horizon, Bondi 6:30am


Deep reds this morning

Paddling out of the flags

Take off

Surfing in front of a fire ceiling


7 thoughts on “Fire + Water

  1. Sunrise at Bondi. How I miss thee.

    So thank you. I have been sharing your photos as they are exquisite

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