Burning Man, Bronte


Greetings. Hope you had a good weekend. How good was the weather? I love it when the forecast sets low expectations and then it’s burning sunshine and fun waves.

Today the swell has kicked back a gear and only breaking waist to chest high. Still rideable and some fun (Small) ones.

Nice and clean this morning. Autumns winds are the best. Only 4 knots of SSE right now and nearly 26 degrees…

Have a good week…::uge

Chris Friend, committed drop wallet

Bronte limp flag and some pretty pinks

Dangerous hobbie - rock fishing.

End section whack, Friendy

Tidy little left at Bronte

"Out of the flags boiz!"

Morning rinse, Bronte

3 thoughts on “Mun-dei

  1. Beautiful pics as always. Similar conditions up here on the coast…small but well formed and glassy.
    Really appreciate the email service – can’t thank you enough for it mate.

  2. Sometimes I take your emails for granted Uge and when I saw today’s first image ‘Burning Man, Bronte’ and the last shot with a perfect caption for ‘Morning rinse, Bronte’ I thought to myself ‘shit this bloke’s good…and it’s FREE’!

    Much appreciated for lightening up our days Uge.

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