Yesterday arvo the wind blew more south and created a lil’ mess. Bondi was still junkie this morning (and head high).

If you like surfing without the crowd, these mornings are built for you. It’s random and a little chilly…but something to do.

I’m gonna wait for it to clean up a little.

Our mate Lauro has created a new website. It’s called SUMMERSITE. He’s based it on two of my favourite themes, The BEACH and SUMMER. You could win 5 nights at Komune Bali by subscribing. Takes 2 seconds and it’s free…why not?.


Lukey shooting Sage.

Foam slayer

At ease Chowder

New Waverley revenues - camping, $5 per night. Oceanfront views

Random rights, Bondi 7:30am

Australia's next top model, Leo

Deadly, Icebergs paddle out


New paint, Jerome

2 thoughts on “Rattled

  1. Random rights – I can feel, smell and taste the water in that shot – with the unique atmosphere of chilly air and a buzzing city coming to life on the shore – love it.

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