Sorry about the late update…think my clock is still in the Indonesian Islands.

These mornings are damn dark. At 7am the light is struggling to get over Ben Buckler. For your records, this Saturday is the shortest day of the year. I love the light at this time of year – so rich, so gold, so good to shoot!

The surf has halved from yesterday’s boomers. It’s still 3-4 foot but nothing really special.

All week looks like fun for surfing…offshore and southerly swell…good for Bondi.

Adios ::uge

Hey good looking

Not to cool for the Chaci


Get the shot?

Kinsey, golden crown

Gold plated walker, Bondi 7am

Danny Goldberg

Meindert 'Dirty Mind' Wolfraad, Dutch inventor

Wobbly lefts from the middle

Amaury Treguer


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