I’ve returned to Sydney after my lil’ Indonesian junket and wow, we’ve got some beefy swell in town.

The swell is nearly 180 degrees which means its VERY SOUTH. I know of a few little reef nuggets that would be firing right now with these grooming west offshores.

If you’re not in the water right now you may wanna think about hitting a protected corner. Bondi is completely maxed at 8 foot plus and unrideable. Go for a drive.

The forecast for this week is AWESOME. Waves every day and offshore winds. Doesn’t get much better than that.

You’ll need a good wetsuit as the temperatures have dropped. I’ve just got a new O’Neill Psycho 3 3/2 and it’s super toasty.

Adios :: uge

Nice solid one, Maroubra

Crowd plume, Maroubra

Backlit green walls

Side swipe, Maroubra on a dead south swell

Tight lefts, Bra

The lil' Green Hornet

North corner left

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