Oxford Street, London...which way to the beach?

Lost in London

It’s not often I stray from the coast but today I am in the incredible metropolis of London. It’s summer here and the sun is out – what a great time to visit.

I haven’t been back here in years…such a different pace to the Mentawai Islands I was in 10 days ago! The place is rammed with people. Every tube train, every restaurant, every pub corner, every hotel is overflowing with people. Apparently it’s like this all the time…which just blows my mind.

London is a world city. Walking down the street you’ll hear dozens of languages. The shopping is on steroids – I found a few corners where they haven’t built a Zara (which you can normally find one within every 100 metres).

Next stop, quiet old town of New York City.

Big swell hitting Sydney early next week…but for now it look small and offshore. Good for the loggers.

Seeya, uge

Blue shutters, London

Jamie Huckbody

Imagine doing this for a job all day

Everywhere I look, old buildings like this

National sport

The Sanderson

People work here from all over the globe

Summer time here - grab a beer!

12 thoughts on “Lost in London

  1. Good pics/story ! What are you doing in London? Exhibition? mega franchise deal? Going to surf the Severn Bore?

    1. Just passing through Leroy…on my way to NYC.

      Haven’t been back here in years…amazing city. Love the joint.

  2. Welcome to our city .. Get yourself down the Serpentine !! won’t be many surfers in there but the early morning swimmers are there every morning come sun, rain or snow everyday of the year. Enjoy ya trip

  3. Welcome to London Uge. I’m guessing you probably have many friends over here that receive your daily emails. Enjoy your time, another nice day today by the looks of things.

  4. Here i am up in Scotland on holiday when you arrive in our Metropolis!! Big Ups to you uge for making the trip-never thought you’d get here! Check out the Wolseley, piccadilly for lunch-fave place. Welcome, welcome to UK! X

  5. No surf shots, not even one! I need my daily fix just to keep me sane.

    I’ve bought myself a bucket and a super hero outfit to get a new perspective on life.

  6. Uge… Come down to Brighton and see us, only an hour on the train! You might find the odd surfer or a swimmer at least!

  7. Hi Uge,
    When you’re in NYC, come past Two Hands (164 Mott St, btw Broome and Grand St in Little Italy) we’re a small ‘bondi’ style cafe, we open tomorrow (Friday).
    I grew up in Bondi and saw you in the surf every morning (have a bunch of photos you’ve taken of me surfing printed and framed at home).
    Would love to have you in for a coffee, avocado toast and a chat. We also have a small photo exhibition of another old Bondi local, Nicolas Potts, come check it out. Maybe we could do a Aquabumps one sometime?
    Hope you’re well and enjoying London.

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