The Hamptons is what Bryon Bay is to Sydney. It’s the beach where you go and chill. It’s where you can surf and get space…Manhattan is awesome but I reckon you’d need a break from the pace and concrete after a while.

After talking to Hampton locals they have great stories and photos of double head high barrels here. Unfortunately for the 30 hours of my stay it was tiny…but there is a swell coming this weekend from some early hurricane activity, which I will sadly miss.

The Hamptons is also famous for having the most expensive real estate in the USA. Hell…even Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are rolling around here at the moment working on their base tans.

So sad about the Tamarama surfer who passed away yesterday. The Twins have always been such a dangerous part of the beach. I imagine you have a big swell in town at the moment…be safe.

Over in New Zealand the ski season has kicked off and the South Island Alps have had good dumps. I love that place…watch this video to check out the current conditions on the Isobel Glacier. Heliskiing over there is insane and a must for any bucket list. See Heli Ski


Sagaponack Main Beach, most expensive postcode in USA

The Surf Lodge, Montauk

How organised are these guys?

Imagine if we had rules like this in Bondi? They'd be riots

They like their houses neat here in the Hamptons

Old boards at the Sloppy Tuna

Soak rays, Montauk NY

Montauk Main Beach, OK chairs...talk amongst yourselves

Beach shack, Sagaponack

Montauk main beach

9 thoughts on “Hamptons

  1. Gorgeous… loving today’s post! The beach with some architecture on the side… hard to top that!

  2. love your daily posts.
    originally from Sydney/Byronbay i am an aussie who lives in NYC and spends lots of time in Montauk and Amagansett
    would love to see what other pictures you have of the ditch plains montauk and the hamptons

  3. I would have guessed it unusual to find a Gary ‘Kong’ Elkerton board there .. but maybe there are more them in the world than I thought.

  4. no swimming outside 9-5pm?!! wtf! hahaha!

    land of the free, home of the brave; just don’t do anything brave in that land…

    quick uge, eject eject eject, get outtathere while you still can!!!

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