I certainly hope you got a few waves over the weekend with the big storm swell in town.

It wasn’t really appealing around our neck of the woods, but I hear north side was the place to be, out of the wind and all…

Today the swell is dropping, fast. It’s currently waist to head high (and fat as…). For the next 7 days there is no swell so I would make the most of it today.

Tomorrow the weather comes good. Enjoy.

:: uge


Grinding lefts into the southern corner

Liquid metal slider, Bondi

Arlen, bottom turn

Tyson Millar, bumpy down the line

Ok, it's not cranking, but it's surfable

Magic carpet rides

Mr. Deadly...inside...hunting

'Rings' in the front window of the Aquabumps Gallery

2 thoughts on “Wet

  1. I saw a beautiful photo of Bondi taken from the South end . It had the beach sand, ocean and part of the road wrapping behind icebergs. The sky had all the colours of a fire in it. I can email you the picture . How do we go about purchasing a print please? Jody

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