Simply Red. Today's colour show. Bondi 6:50am


Today kicked off with some pretty serious colour sprayed across the sky. It was really something. All kinds of imaging devices were clicking away @ sunrise. Did you get the shot? It’s now 11am and it’s raining. Shows over.

Hope you got out there for the early. Little fun wave on offer at Bondi best suited to a log. The Fluoro wolf pack dominated the southern peak…what a following those One Wave Is All It Takes have started…

:: uge

Ed, good digits on the nasal

J-Dirt, pow!

Crazy skies, Bondi

Even the Bondi village got a new look this morning.

Logging on

Priscilla, queen of the south peak

Stalling the air craft carrier

Grant, locked in for light speed


Bringing out the inner animal


3 thoughts on “Colour

  1. Well once again Uge has captured the magnificent…I am truly in awe of everyone who rises early and goes in search of the wave of the day, while the rest of the population struggle to get out of bed, yawning and farting…I go to work early so don’t get to the beach as I once did [sigh!] but live to ride my bike so the morning is precious when it is quiet on the roads, much like the waves! Respect, oh talented one!!!

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