Mini Bumps

The waves are tiny and clean. Nice day though, looks like the mercury will hit 20 degrees. Until this Saturday the surf is going to be really small…

Chris Bryan is a Cronulla cinematographer who operates a fancy piece of camera called The Phantom. Phantoms are those cameras that do super slow motion clips. They’re awesome. I want one when I win Lotto. They allow you to see stuff not possible to the human eye. I see Chris all over the world, especially in Hawaii each winter. You can’t miss him…he’s a bear like over-sized-human wielding a massive metal water housing. When I see Chris I know the waves are going to be good. He’s good at nailing that…and always has talented surfers following him e.g. Jamie O and JJ Florence. I just made a cuppa, put my head phones on and watched his latest work in HD – it’s pretty bloody amazing. Well done Chris. Watch

Out :: uge

Lake Bondi

Wave of the day, Ed Cunningham

Mr Laughlan

Bush hugger

The Astra bathed in morning light

Ocean swimmer

Steggles, old skool

Golden rights, Bondi

Shaun Greenblo looking for his Cuzin

Nitro (Beau)

Floaters in the mist

5 thoughts on “Mini Bumps

  1. Thanks so much for posting Chris Bryan’s video and work Uge! Its fabulous, as is your work, just adds a different dimension. Love Lake Bondi today.. beautiful!

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