Sky Fire

I worked out that I’ve seen over 3,000 sunrises in my Aquabumps morning ritual career (15 years). Today’s sunrise was really something special…some of the brightest colours I’ve seen down there.

I missed this morning’s twin, last night’s mind blowing sunset (which everyone is talking about)…so this morning made up for it. I was down there ready to go in the dark, like a good little school boy. This is what I saw. Wow!

If you live in Sydney, you’re being treated to a rather good run of colour.

We just hit 50,000 crew on Instagram (@aquabumps)…now that is more than my email mailing list that I started 15 years ago. If you aren’t following us, best do so now.

Otherwise spread the colour by forwarding this email around to 100 mates for good luck.

What will tomorrow bring?

Adios :: ugios

Kinsey, racing down the line under some pretty crazy colours

Magic carpet rides

"Hey look, something is on fire over 'dere"

Breasy taking it real easy

Single surfer against a burning sky

Grom paddling over red water

Sneaking under, KY


Gold shimmer, Bondi 7am

Kinsey, looking real pretty in pink.

Andy Finlay, Kung Fu master

6 thoughts on “Sky Fire

  1. When i walked out the door to my car this morning and saw the glow in the eastern sky I thought to myself, I know Uge will be at work and there will be some amazing photos later today. Thanks for providing them!

  2. Thanks for these amazing pics. Love seeing what you creatively produce each day and enjoy living vicariously through your lens.

  3. Uge keeping the dream alive, as usual.. And my will to got back home (bondi) getting stronger every day. Thanks mate

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