Today is just a taste of what spring is like. It’s a tease… It’s 23 degrees and it’s also very sunny.

It will revert back to winter this weekend though. And hopefully bring some much needed swell ‘cause its tiny out there. I shot Bronte for something different.

This Saturday, August 2 Power Living Yoga opens its doors to you all, free yoga all day long! Aquabumps is not the only free thing in life! Link

Out :: uge

Anna getting the shot in the pinks, Bronte

The reality of surfing today, Bondi Beach

Soaking it all in. Bronte Pool

Miles away...

Get in!

Waving not drowning

Bronte pool shine, this morning...6:30am

Get out there tiger...

Wave of the day at Bondi.

Go for a walk, it's too good

Lochie, strangling the nasal

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