Baaaad girl....Baaaad girl...

Fantasy Land

I was thinking this morning, if you were an overseas subscriber to Aquabumps (as many do…thank you) and had never been out here to this great land you’d be looking at this week’s Bumps shots thinking…”What the hell is going on down there…is that winter?”

Yes Sir, this is winter…how good is it? 24 degrees yesterday which sure felt like another season.

There is always something to surf out there too. Today it’s only waist high…but perfect for the log and a good attitude.

Health kick…every week Gavin (Bagus) drops off a box of fresh fruit and vege to my house. It all comes in direct from the markets. If you want Gav to come drop one off to you, it’s easy…go to his website or call him on 0420 906 061. He’s going to give you the 1st box free for Aquabumps crew (not sure if he thought this promo through..about 90,000 will see this).

:: uge

1st light over Coogee beach

Bondi's most eligible bachelors. Tim, Miles + Rama

It all starts with these two tents, next 150,000 people come to Bondi. C2S'14

Waist high waves, perfect for the logging

Soak it in boyz, even if you are only statues. Coogee Beach

RE-Boot Camp


Here she's comes, right on time.

Soft sand

Working up a pre sunrise sweat...Coogee

Righthander. Ok, it's not The Cape but at least you can surf

5 thoughts on “Fantasy Land

  1. My pick for today’s newsletter is “Here she’s comes, right on time.”

    Amazing colour contrast.

    Thx Uge

  2. Hate to brag but its 26 degrees in Brissy (has been for about 3 weeks) and its going to be 27 degrees tomorrow. Fabulous winters in good ole Queensland. No wonder its called the Sunshine State!

  3. yep nice weather here!!

    but the penguins and seals of antarctica are not so happy as all the ice around them is melting for good…..

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