The weather has gone from horrible to perfect in Sydney. But it’s short lived. The rest of the week is going to be wet.

Right now we should all be racing to the airport to catch a flight to Tahiti. Chopes pumping again. The WCT comp is currently ON and it’s awesome. Watch Live Now

Owen Wright and Matt Wilko are about to hit the water. Slater coming up too. Tomorrow looks solid and the finals will run. How about floating int he channel tomorrow…bucket list kinda stuff to see a comp like that in big, perfect waves.

If you’re are heading to Chopes make sure you’re back in Sydney for Thursday/Friday this week. Swell is going to be huge in Sydney. I’m excited.

:: uge

So good to get a bit of sun...soak it up folks

Bondi longboarding


Bondi 6:45am, SUPing to the horizon

Bondi 7am, Stalling on the left


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