Now THIS is a bottom turn kids. Nice lines by Teale Vanner


I think we are all a lil’ over the rain. Maaaan it’s been stormy lately. The ocean is still agitated. Rogue double head high bombs broke at Bondi in a random fashion. It’s barely surfable. Pro surfers Teale Vanner and Chris Friend had a crack – but if they’re not finding joy – I’d say it would be hard work for us mere mortals.

It’s onshore and that will continue for days. Good time to bring out that conscientious-worker-side in you. You’re not really missing much down the beach.

It is Father’s Day this Sunday. Get him a book or a gift card from our gallery. He’ll love it. If you rock into our Bondi gallery wielding a Mastercard we will have a special offer for you. You’ll see. It’s worth it. Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach telephone 02 9130 7788. Hope you saw REAL LIVING mag with our Bondi headquarters in it.

Out :: uge

Teale in the rough...Bondi

Ancient cave paintings

Teale Vanner, backhand attack

Pog and the Dog

Chris Friend, in the rough

Easy tiger...not too close

"What, you want me to surf that?"

Embracing the day. Icebergs

These rocks only come out when it's been real big

Rough weather for boating...

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