Manly Beach, sunrise surfer

Manly vs Bondi

I’ve got a confession. Once upon a time I lived in Manly. True. I lived right behind the storm water pipe at North Steyne. I was only there for a year’n’half…but I got a good feel for the joint. Good waves over there, especially in summer with the north swells.

Today I headed back over there. It’s very similar to Bondi in a lot of ways. Same-Same, but different. Everything evolves around the beach. At sunrise Manly was packed, like Bondi. The health-kick revolution is in full swing over there as well. It’s a bigger beach (longer) and 17 kms from the CBD (where as Bondi is 8km). What I like is how their village is right on the edge of the beach, not like Bondi where we have a footie field separating us.

Manly is cleaner, that’s for sure…and the properties are better maintained. Maybe because Bondi faces south where we wear the brunt of the big winter storms.

Oh boy…that traffic bottleneck across The Spit is hard work! I’m coming over on a ski next time.


Manly storm water pipes at South Steyne

Talking to the clouds, Manly Beach, NSW

Logger sunrise

Quiet time, Manly Beach

Go-go mobile...

Ankle biters today, Manly Beach

Number 19.

Wave of the day

Boot camp sky swirls, North Steyne, Manly

Manly, South Steyne. Best way to start your day

14 thoughts on “Manly vs Bondi

  1. Great shots Uge and you’ll be pleased to hear that a community initiative to get the buildings along Campbell Pde looking good has been taken up by Waverley Council. We (the residents) can hopefully keep pushing it along… love the hot weather!!

      1. Bondi’s not that well maintained but has got a very different charm, and thank god the buildings are not right on the beach.. enough real estate moguls wanabees in sydney!

        Also affordability is an important point cause it creates the spirit of a place.. maybe we dont need all the backpapers but keeping a young crowd that works in the city and can afford to live in this place is valuable!

        Having said that, good looking facades can’t hurt anyone!


  2. Gotta love both.

    At one time, Bondi, like Manly, was fringed with a beautiful row of Norfolk pines.

    I’ve heard that the sewerage treatment chemicals would vaporise off-shore and blow back on the NE breeze and
    coat the trees, eventually killing them. Pity

    Yes Manly is longer, but as a beautiful wide,wide stretch of sand, there aren’t many beaches that can outdo Bondi.

    1. Bondi is magic and has got one chance Manly doesnt have: Aquabumps… the spirit of this beach has gotta thank Uge every day for exalting its legend!

  3. should have stay longer man, just got out of the water in Queenscliff, super clean, 4-5ft sets in last hour or so. I broke a fin on my softie on my last wave, that`s how powerful it was:)

    Manly is better, moved up here after years in Bondi.. it`s just better surf up here, less people, ..
    Only thing is.. I cant get a decent espresso at 6am around here:) Most of the coffee shops are open from 7am.

  4. Hear, hear to Waverley Councils initiative to the gentrification of Campbell Pde. It makes my eyes sore every time im carrying my SUP back to my SUV. Im all for Campbell Pde looking like No 19.

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