Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Island Time

Kia Orana. We’re back on the main island of the Cooks, Rarotonga. It’s very different to Aitutaki – it’s where all the government and commerce is done. It’s busier yet still very relaxed and quiet. The centre of the island rises up into huge volcanic mountains that resemble Jurassic Park. Incredible back drop to the massive Muri Lagoon.

Rarotonga is the island you can surf but unfortunately today the swell is tiny and the wind is up. This is a kite boarders heaven!

A few people have been asking me questions about The Cooks Islands. Here’s a few tips:

  • Direct flights from Sydney are every Saturday on Air New Zealand. They are running a special deal for Aquabumps readers that ends on Friday night.
  • If you come all the way out here you must go to Aitutaki – it’s off the hook. (45 min flight from Raro on Rarotonga Air)
  • Eat dinner at the Tamarind on Raro – on the beach, amazing food
  • Have coffee and breakfast at LBV Muri Beach (old Colonial House, good coffee)
  • Try and stay near Muri beach. It is the best part of the island by a long shot.
  • Have to try a fish burger at The Mooring off Main Road Avana – a work of art.
  • Eat only fish whilst you are here – it’s caught out the front, daily.
  • Hire a car, drive around Rarotonga – only takes 30 mins. I guarantee everyone you pass will wave.

Later :: uge

Brown (his name), Rarotonga's next top model, Cook Islands

Hotel looked better in the brochure. Just kiddin'

Ok girls, 3 laps around the island before lunch. Catch us a Mahi Mahi on the way back

From anywhere on Rarotonga just look up and this is what you'll see

Jake the Muss's 'little' brother Sunny. That's a normal sized guitar

Where are we?

You're probably sick of seeing perfect beaches, Muri Lagoon today

Gatorade growing on trees Cook Islands style

4,5,9,2. How many coconuts Jet? Chinese good with numbers

Island time, all the time in the world to stop and ava chat

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