Rarotonga, Cook Islands...the rock girls

Beached Az

Well our little Pacific paradise fling has come to an end…times for us to leave the Cook Islands.

If you want a low key beach holiday and not hooked to shopping malls, the Cooks are for you. Water is incredible, weather is amazing and the people are super friendly.

Today is the last day that Air New Zealand (the only airline with direct flights) are offering a special deal for our readers. $289 one way is pretty amazing.

See you back in Bondi : : u g e

The colours of my day in the Cooks. Muri Lagoon.

Tangled in a buoy

The girls taking over the lagoon, Rarotonga

Charlotte Piho, at home

Raro even looks good in the rain

Muri Lagoon, Debbie split

Postcard from Cooks



The Cook Islands, hard to leave this...

10 thoughts on “Beached Az

  1. always go to indo cooks looks amazing and clean and its good seeing girls in the water rather then drinking and lying on the beach. the girls underwater pocahontus then blue lagoon what a paradise

  2. Had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte earlier this year my wife did a yoga on water lesson with her in muri laggon it was the highlight of her trip. we both think shes just beautiful. It’s a wonderful place I wish i could get time off work and make the most of the promo

  3. Thought you’d like this little insert.

    I shared your Cook Islands pics with my better half…

    >WHat does this Aqua bumps F*&%er do for a living!!!!
    >I hate him
    >I love where he is
    >I wanna be there
    >how we gonna get there?
    >We have to get there

    Our boy is also a Jett. Need to hook him up like your kid. Nice life guys. Good job.

    1. Too funny Ricky.

      I bet your Jett would love it here like our Jet.

      Very safe for kids. You don’t have to really watch them – 1 foot lagoons at Aitutaki as huge safe kiddie pools.


      1. Uge
        Cooks looks beautiful. Thinking if heading over with our almost 1yr old. Where did you stay? Any recommendations?
        Thanks in advance!
        Leo, Samantha & Lachie

  4. I was wondering if that was miss Antarctica? wetsuits are restrictive . I love the feeling of saltwater on my skin …she’s pretty fascinating

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