Closed, Maroubra

X shore

The NNE winds were up very early this morning. It was about 15 knots worth. The wind also knocked up a little bit of wind swell overnight…it’s very weak and irregular, but surfable at NE magnets (i.e. not Bondi).

Tomorrows conditions better suit Bondi with a switch to south swell and south winds. Weather is looking very unsettled.

Many of you are probably freaking out with your Christmas shopping. We have a pile of books that we can send in today’s post, order here.

Ciao ::uge

Look Mum, no hands! Blake

Finner from an unknown.

Blake Thornton using the winds to his advantage

Seagull Christmas party



Under renovation


47m x 34cm raw wood frame 'Waterfront' $150 in stock

6am, Tama and packed with wild cyclists

Our book, $150 and in stock. Will post today, get it tomorrow

3 thoughts on “X shore

  1. Did you catch the pre-sunrise clouds? Been eagerly waiting for your update today as outta my bedroom window 5.30am were some incredible colours!

      1. Oh no! I randomly woke up and it was quite brilliant. You’ve caught many though, and many more I’m sure to come in the future…

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