It's howling onshore. Good for windsurfing. How big is this air!


The southerly was roaring through Sydney tossing tumbleweed down the streets. Perfect conditions for a select group of French windsurfers (OK and one Spaniard) to hit Bondi with the windsurfing contraptions.

Surfing is out of the question – that board will blow right out of your little hands before you even get to the shoreline. Wait until this howl subsides.

It’s been such a sad week in Sydney. Digesting what went down in the city ain’t easy for us all. Condolences to the Johnson and Dawson families. You’re in our thoughts.

Peace :: uge

Bondi Beach 6:00am, empty

Like crossing the Sahara

Pounding the corner


Heading towards a rote

Girls gone wild

Put your hands in the air like you just don't care

Frenchies heading out

Franck Gazzola out running the foam

We have books... will post today.

Such a sad week in Sydney. Don't forget it's a beautiful world out there. Peace.

4 thoughts on “Gusty

  1. Uge, you must have been blown away as I never saw you this morning even though you got some good pics. Yip, if you didn’t get blown away, you sunk into the sand. Hard yakka today! Cheers! Rob

  2. Thank you Uge, good to see you on the beach and thanks for posting these awesome pictures.
    Do you have any other pictures of the windsurfers?
    The Spaniard 😉

  3. Hi there! I’m admiring your pictures and noticed that No.54352 is a picture of my friend and I on the beach this windy morning. Would it be alright to ask you to send the picture to me? That would be very kind and appreciated.

    /Stephanie and her friend

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