Keiron's new masterpiece on the broad walk. I'm the guy with the camera


There’s swell and very little wind, usually a great combo…but it wasn’t exactly cranking this morning down the beach.

Bondi was pretty grey and uncrowded. Think the Christmas parties are taking their toll on the early risers. I saw waves around 2-3 foot today. Hopefully as the day progresses the wonk will settle.

Here’s a little gift idea for those that live in Sydney. Buy one of our bassike x Aquabumps collab tees and a small A4 mounted print of your choice for only $100 clams (normally $125). Available ONLY in our Bondi Gallery only (151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW Telephone 02 9130 7788) Lost?

:: uge

Few lefts in the middle, should get better

Shorey textures

Banjo seeking shelter

Bondi Beach, hunting for treasure

Brody learning new things

Bisho frothing

There is someone for everyone

Combo deal, tee + print = $100. In Bondi store only

Assistant slacking off. Hard to get good help these days

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