Crazy water, Bondi beach 8am today


If you get the opportunity go outside, do it. It’s a magic autumn day in Sydney. Even better if you can go outside AND hit the beach as there’s clean waves, warm water and a rad shorey at Bondi. It’s funny, spend 5 weeks in Hawaii (Land of the world’s best shore breaks) and a thumper arrives right on my front door.

Clouds will cover the skies later today…so right now is the best part of the day.

We’ve teamed up with our Academy Brand buddies for the chance to win 3, limited, finely crafted, epic, photo printed, surfboards by Noosa legend surfer/shaper Andrew Warhurst. (see shaper’s webby). These boards are works of art. You gotta see ’em. We’ve got 3 boards to giveaway and all ya have to do is GO HERE TO ENTER.


Aref weaving through the Bondi shorey this morning 8am


Chris Prestidge pretty happy to be paddling out today at Bondi

Reece, heading out

Rip bowls for breakky?

Anyone seen my flipper?

Sculpture in the Sea


We are shooting the new Aquabumps x Speedo range today, best season we've done

3 thoughts on “ShØrey

  1. Am I seeing things…..

    that first photo… look carefully you can see the face of a bearded man….two eyes, nose ,chin…

    if I were a religious man I would wonder if it was the not the great man himself…..

    or if not perhaps Poseidon….watching us as we take the next pounding or guiding us along his watery carpet of never ending pleasure….

    or maybe its just those late nights and early mornings…

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