Bondi beach greys, 7am.

Flat Az…

Amazing how different today is. In 24 hours the sunshine has gone, the waves are now flat, the crowds have dissipated and we have kinda a gloomy day down the shoreline.

Pack the boards away for today – it’s unsurfable. Save your time for later in the week when 4-6 footers will break on Friday. Woohoo!

Surfing Chefs for Surfaid. A group of famous multi-talented men who surf and can cook are hosting a dinner for Surfaid – yes – Surfing Chefs. Who? World Champ Tommy Carroll, Martin Potter, Peter Doyle, Tom Walton, Russel Blaike, Ben O’Donoghue – hell even Perth Standlick and Rod Kerr (lifeguard) are cooking. Where? Bucket List Bondi March 11 Wednesday. VIP tickets $250, Cocktail $150 p/p (stand up format) – all for a good cause. Book here (See you there we’ve got a table)

I have a friend in Bondi who’s one smart little genius. Whatever he does he succeeds. His name is Gideon. He’s just launched his new venture called Monetise which is a website that performs a financial health check making sure you are getting the most from the banks and in turn saving your hard earned money. Read more

I didn’t have enough good photos from this morning to fill a report, so the tail end is some Hawaiian gold shot just before leaving…

:: Uge

Keen az.

Sand castles, Bondi

Wave of the day. Hoot hoot.

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Head in the clouds, wifie, Hawaii

Waimea sunset palms

Waikiki beaters

Rinse off, Hawaii on the weekend

Boys and their skateys, sunset, Hawaii on the weekend

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