Surry Hills wall paper, 6:15am

Surry Hills

I found the beach a little uninspiring this morning so I drifted inland to the bohemian suburb of Surry Hills, only a few k’s away. That’s the good thing about living in Bondi we’re so close to the city.

Surry Hills was dead quiet at 6am. Like a ghost town. Love all the old houses and maze of back alleys.

The surf is 4 foot and junkie. Should clean up…tomorrow should be fun. Hope you’re watching the Mick Fanning Vs Adriano De Souza final at Bells which is on right now.


Number 75 could do with some love

Blue light, Surry Hills

I think this says 'Pray for Swell'

Follow. Surry Hills scribble

A taco eating shark. Surry Hills


Street window


Waves today, south swell, big and junkie. Bondi 7am

2 thoughts on “Surry Hills

  1. Hello-you should have called on Simon at Blank Space Gallery!!!!(our son) Surrey Hills. Great to have you back on line. Good surfing.

  2. Actually, I don’t know why did someone paint “紫竹林” on the wall. It means purple bamboo forest not ‘Pray for Swell’. 🙂

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