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North End

I never kinda got surfing the North end of Bondi. It’s a weird ‘wave’. In large surf conditions, like today, it’s surfable – but definitely not awesome. A rapid rip sucks out along the kiddie pool making the waves peak…but many close out. Occasionally it tubes. Rare though. A few times I have seen it connect from the point at Ben Buckler all the way to the beach – which is 250 metres. But that’s super rare and you have to lie down on your board to make it through the middle fat bit.

The surf should clean up at the day progresses. It may get good at South Bondi really late. Looks like a grey weekend and cooler temps.

:: uge

Keep out of the storm water drain

Thunder sets, Ben Buckler

Liberty and justice

There is someone inside that.

Lister is watching

Lid skim

Chris Friend fan

Sage, lift off

7 thoughts on “North End

  1. Gotta say uge, I reckon you are getting a bit lazy!!
    Don’t get me wrong you often set the bar with your photos, but really – today there were good solid waves, a couple of protected South corners were the goods. Who wants to see brick walls and cruddy Bondi.
    Go for a drive – check sproutdaily for an example…
    But otherwise – yes your work is pretty amazing and usually consistent

    1. Hey Tyler,

      Thanks for the feedback. Never been called lazy in my life – but appreciate your comments.

      It’s funny – drove around this morning and barely anywhere is working around here. These big south swells just don’t work well in the Eastern Suburbs beaches (where I am based)

      Even had people scouting further south…and nothing really on offer.

      Yeah I could of driven to Manly…with Murray and all the boys, but it doesn’t looked much was going on over there either…I don’t think I missed much.

      I coulda taken the whole day off and driven 3 hours south – I am sure it’s working down there. Where are your protected corners with the goods? Love to know.

      Ta, uge

      1. Sorry Uge, on reflection I did sound a little harsh there!
        Well I’m a little over 3hrs South so maybe it just isn’t hitting as nicely up your way…
        This morning we got amongst a few gems like in murrays pics, lefts though
        I understand it’s hard for you if the conditions arent there for you to shoot,
        And, I can’t tell you bout those protected corners, or where they are 😉
        Keep up the good work

  2. Lovely shots of the bubbling southerly swell Uge – I really love the backdrop of Waverley cemetary and the cliffs in shots from North Bondi – was off the point the day before and sitting amongst a school of frenzied Australian Salmon – didn’t see any bigger shadows! Bondi is teaming with life above and below the water – love your work – AJ

  3. Just had fantastic weekend surfing my local south bondi. Early Sunday someone was gassing on about a Noah swimming around the break on Saturday. Does anyone know if that was true….not that it matters….I just want to know if the guy was talking sense or just another warbler.
    Any info ????
    Thanks Jo

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