Bondi, red light district


Well it ain’t no Cloudbreak out there at Bondi…but there is sumpin’ to paddle into. 2-3 footers, best bank is in the middle. The North winds are up early and it looks like it’s fading quite fast. Another swell backing up on Friday (4ft range).

Jane Lampe is a North Bondi local that gave up her her 9 to 5 town planning job to follow her passion – being a florist. She setup in her North Bondi garage and business is cranking. The leap paid off as she’s just moved to a bigger premises and now she’s offering Aquabumps readers free delivery for the month of June.  Seeing there is plenty of swell this week – score some brownie points with the missus and order a bunch online at Floreat Floral.

Aussie surfer Owen Wright just won at Fiji with a perfect score of 20 in the final. He also got a perfect 20 in the semis. That’s pretty perfect. That’s a world 1st. Onya Owen you legend.


L Plater heading out.

The constantly changing face of Bondi


Shorey dump

End section boff

Andy, most consistent surfer in Australia

Grayson ollie

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