Today. Bondi. Rainy and 3 foot. Fun ones.

My Mission

I take photos every day. That’s been my calling in life for some time now. Some days are more photogenic than others. Some days I’ve got the trigger finger on flat biccie – like Tony Montana in the final scenes of Scarface. Sometimes I labor over the shots…trying all kinds of fancy dance work to nail something interesting from the mundane.

Today I labored and only really have 1 decent shot from my morning dawdle. It’s rainy, it’s gloomy and it’s 2-3 foot. Oh, and the water is a balmy 20 degrees for some freaky reason!

To fill the rest of the report, to reach your wave/beach quota for the day, here’s some shots of Indonesia at it’s best…last week. I just booked my 2016 trip! (My 17th voyage). Can’t get ‘nuf.

Did you watch the Fiji comp yesterday? Amazing! You and 9 mates could win a trip to Namuotu (and surf Cloud break). Go here punks

:: uge


Sammy Cockle and the fish

Not a drop out of place, Indonesia

Tim Macdonald on a memorable one.

Structured sets

Karlito Page, tickling the face of a Indo beast

Big Dave Bottomley

One thought on “My Mission

  1. that looks pretty perfect Uge…and as much fun in the water taking the shots as riding the waves – well almost!

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