The iridescent hues of the world famous Capri Blue Grotta.


Capri is an Italian island hanging off the coast of Naples. It’s a rugged chunk of rock that sticks out of the sea. It’s a huge holiday destination and pretty packed at this time of year. The Blue Grotta (or sea cave which is lit from below) is pretty special – write that one down for your bucket list. It’s hot…and you’ll spend most of your day swimming or boating.

Waves? Well not on Capri but I hear further north there was a few on the weekend after a large storm hit.

Ciao :: uge

Dive in the cracks

Capri is basically one huge chunk of rock

Lido del Faro, Anacapri - sunset spot

Capri, Italy and all her curves

Toddy Bennett, blast off

The Nonnas

Grotta splits, Italy, Capri

Swim, swim and more swimming

Swim through a cave, find a tiny beach

3 thoughts on “Capri

  1. Try the Grotto in Filicudi in the Aeolian Islands. Makes Capri look like kindergarten grotto.
    You may remember I have told you about buildings around Bondi that Aeolians have built and the way they gravitated to places like Bondi because of the sea.
    You can jump on a ship in Naples and overnight it to the Eolian Islands.
    if you get to Filicudi mention my name a lot there are all related.
    Permanent population of Filicudi is about 300 people.
    I think you would like it.

  2. I’m hearing the soundtrack of “the big blue” as I look at your photos,the colours and contrast of smooth water and jagged rocks……great stuff mate…

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