Nice Plage, amazing colour water. The stones take a bit of getting used to.

La Plage

G’day. How’s your Friday going? Are you ready for a beach weekend in Sydney? The weather forecast looks perfect.

I was lucky enough to spend most of this week on the coast of southern France. Amazing place…just so different. Good water colours and clarity. I don’t often visit places without waves…so it was really quite a different experience for me. Lots of swimming, fancy dining and baking. The French order a lot of my gallery prints – so it was good to see where they come from and what they have on their coastline. One thing’s for sure – we are very lucky here in Australia with our beaches.

From Monday Aquabumps returns to its usual Bondi waves. Out of curiosity, what do you prefer to see on Aquabumps? Photographs of just Bondi, Bondi and more Bondi OR do you like some of the overseas escapes searching for far away paradises? Vote here (after clicking wait a second or two for the poll to load)

:: Uge

P.S. we have a couple of sales jobs going in the Bondi Aquabumps Gallery. 1 x Casual Sales Assistant + 1 x Casual Senior Sales Person

Paloma Beach, South of France

Nice, South of France

Holiday wheels, Monte Carlo, Monaco

La Plage, Nice (and this is 10am on a Monday)

Boaties heaven, France

Nice fishing boats

Benny and Clover Tana, enjoying the deep blues of France

The boats are bigger than buildings here in Nice, France

Tight living - Monte Carlo, Monaco

Red boat, Nice old harbour


13 thoughts on “La Plage

  1. Life is all about getting out there and exploring… discovering new places and cultures and seeing things from a different perspective. So no brainer question for me! Love seeing the visions of your adventuring!

  2. Uge,

    Your NZ and recent Euro trips – as well as older Mentawais, Cook Islands… – demonstrate what a rounded and talented photographer you are.

    It’s crazy that you come up with inspiration DAILY around the eastern beaches and Manly. People find it common ground to criticise, and there are many ‘photographers’, but I wholeheartedly say you are very good.

    And ninety percent of your readers want you to carry on doing exactly how you’re doing it.


  3. I live overseas now, but Aussie beaches and travel are my two passions…which brings me to you and your stupidly gorgeous photos!! Thanks for years of (free!) inspiration, I think 70% Bondi and 30% other beaches and surf is a great mix.

  4. Hi Uge!
    You’re in Europe! The Mediterranean beaches of France are beautiful……but the plages at the Atlantic Coast are the ones where you want to be! Just go to Biarritz and surroundings.
    No, I’m not from France 🙂

  5. Nice pictures !…but..not sure that you can reduce French coasts to what you’ve seen in Nice..
    you want to know?…Nice (and most the French riviera) is awful !!
    If you have the occasion, you should go to Altantic ocean side, from Basque country to Bretagne..the sea is so much “alive” than in mediterrannean side !!
    see you there next time?


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