Hollow spaces

Back to the Curves

I am back in Bondi and lovin’ the Spring weather. I missed the waves whilst I was away!

Some fun lil’ 2 footers around, clean…and warm.

From Friday’s poll – 92% of our readers said that they like a healthy mix of overseas and Bondi photos on Aquabumps (30% overseas 70% Bondi). I better book more trips away huh.

Aquabumps is raising money for our main charity SurfAid. This Friday we’ve formed a team to surf in the SurfAid Cup…and we need your support. Huge thank you to the 76 people that have donated to our cause so far. We have currently raised $10,121 and need more. So the other 46,567 readers I would love it if you could shed a few bucks to support our biggest fundraiser of the year…think of it as a subscription fee to our free daily email service. Go on… Donate here.

Cheers, Uge

Cruise control

Bondi curves

Steve Carlaw 1st out

Poppy Wise

Light morning crowds, early Bondi


Mini slabola

Speed demon


Bondi bottom rake 6:30am

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