Letting rip on a nice left at North Bondi, 6:20am

Get Wet

I woke, peered at my phone…like we all do as we’re phone addicts…and saw the forecast was 28 degrees for today. How could I not go for a swim. Coming down?

There were tiny waves on a central Bondi bank. Best suited to beginners and longboarders. North Bondi is looking the biz right now with clear, blue water…and plenty of sunshine. Stick the out-of-office on and hit it.

:: uge

Shallow focus

The crazy Italian

The right idea. North Bondi

Anina, hunting. Bondi Beach

Mini transparent tubes

Old sea dogs from Cronulla

Best light of the day, middle bank Bondi

Jun paddling out to dominate

Morning positive crowd

'B+W Swimmers' and 'Peeler' both shot at Bondi Beach and available now online

Aprillia on the move

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