Twin Turbo


These are the days to look out for. The days that fall in the cracks. The ones that go under the radar. See…the forecast is calling hell windy today. But at sunrise the wind hadn’t hit, it was raining and looking pretty uninviting from the bedroom window…but…go down the beach and there was a glassy, empty line up with 2-3 footers. It was very short-lived (so no need to rush down now). The shows over. Shop closed. Doneski. It’s ugly as right now.

Wind Guru is predicting 31 knot gusts at 5pm today. That’s howling. What a perfect night to launch a new pair of sunglasses!

:: uge (said Yooj)

Something curly

See what I mean, sweet as this morning

Ray Vuko, single fin training

Joshua Ku

Boardriders president, Ray Vuko

Rob Stutz, shacked. Kinda. Not really. OK just a head dip

Charlotte Piho, SUP

Oh Mickey, rip a big hole in that thing

Liquid lippage

Just another grey day in the office

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