Umbrella Land, Italy


Well, it’s been a pretty stormy 24 hours in Sydney. Last night it blew a gale. I am sure the winds will die and the sun will come back this afternoon. It’s already started to clear. The great news is that the weekend will mainly be sunny weather. Sunday is going to be a cracker beach day.

Waves – I’ve been down the beach a few times today. It’s not great conditions for surfers. Days like these I wished I lived near a tightly protected southern corner. I reckon Manly would be 100 x better than Bondi. Bondi was empty with 4 foot wind blown mush.

Io amo l’Italia – My Italy shots have been very popular with you all – there so here is a fresh batch that you’ve not seen…

Today we launch something new. Something cool. We’ve joined forces with Bailey Nelson…a impressive young optical company that have humble beginnings in Bondi at the local markets. They’ve grown to dominate the globe with 25 stores. Our fresh sunglasses range spans 6 styles, all with Bondi aerial images laced on the insides. You can see the full collaboration range at any Bailey Nelson store from now…or if you buy a pair of our favourites online here we will throw in a 18cm x 12cm acrylic block artwork (worth $90) Both for $225. Order Online

:: uge

Those roads are crazy to drive


Lost in The Med

A day for boating, Italy

Positano on a 35 degree day

Drop offs


Positano from out to sea

Bailey Nelson x Aquabumps range. Click to buy special deal

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