Yesterday's storm damage at South Bondi - must of been flowing!

Drying Out

How’s ya roof? Still there? Well, that was one hell of a storm yesterday huh? Flash flooding everywhere. I wish I owned that business that rents out those carpet dryers. Minted.

I have no shots from yesterdays storm. I was sitting deep in the back of our framing factory…preparing our Chrissy orders. The car got a beautiful wash though, looks like brand new today.

Waves – zip.

Weather – much better today (25).

Pipe – YES! Oh boy there is some amazing surfing to watch right here right now

Xmas shopping – well, you are not too late. Nope still got time. Order our book today, we ship today. Order our new 4 pack we will race it down the Postie. That means most of you that are in Sydney would get the loot tomorrow if order before 3pm today. Call us on 9130 7788 if you have any questions.

Seeyouse, I gotta watch Pipe :: uge

Stormy clouds clearing

Beachfront drawings


Q7 rights

Not today.

Alex Kiss

Brando, hitting it.

Order now, take delivery tomorrow (via Post) in most areas

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