Oh man it’s so windy down there. It’s howling. I’m still removing sand particles from every nook.

There is barely any surf to speak of at Bondi. I am sure East facing beaches will be a little more entertaining. You will need to hide from the 25 knots of southerly though. Swell will come up strong overnight and surprise you tomorrow.

It’s ooorn. The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational is now on live! This event hasn’t run since 2009 and needs 20 foot waves.

Today Samsung are now taking pre-orders for the new Galaxy S7 Edge phones. I’m upgrading from the S6 and pumped! Order

:: uge

Windswept flags, Bondi

Ideal sport for today

The famous Bondi Icebers

Swim! Still warm

Sunrise, and pretty empty sand

Bouncers. Bondi

Lara, training

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