Morning people, Maroubra Beach at sunrise


Well, we are in for some heat today. All 38 degrees of it. That’s some big digits for the last week of Summer. It will be the hottest day for this time of year in 12 years.

Y’know what? I say tools down. Hit the beach. Put the outta-office on. You deserve it. I’m sure all those emails can wait.

That NE swell didn’t really kick it. I just saw 2-3 foot windswell dribbles today.

Mick Fanning had a very rough 2015. He’s taking some time off full time competition to rebuild. Read

See you down there later :: uge

Shinya, unleash

Full moon smile

Jackson Giles, training

Kane Pickard, picking the eyes

Surfer not looking that excited by the conditions

Jacko the Ripper


Kane, flat top

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