Peaks galore and not a human in sight. Barra, Rio de Janeiro today


Oi! Tudo bem?

Rio. After yesterday’s post I got a flood of messages saying how it’s one of their favourite places on the globe. It’s pretty special. The culture, weather and views are amazing. It reminds me a bit of Bali…kinda like a city beach like Bondi…but has qualities of Hawaii.

6.5 million people live in Rio De Janeiro. It’s much bigger than Sydney. Everyone here is excited about hosting their first Olympic Games later this year. Hopefully it will give the local economy a nice kick start, as the country has been slowing down lately. If you are flying here from Sydney for the big games, getting to Rio has never been easier from Oz. Air New Zealand can fly you the whole way – check those bags in and don’t see them until you arrive in South America. Sydney to Auckland (3hrs flight), Auckland to Buenos Aires (12hrs flight) then pop up to Rio (3hrs flight). My tip – splurge on premium economy seats and you’ll score semi-business class. Trust me. It’s awesome. More Info

Surfaid are holding their annual fundraising event at Bondi’s Bucket List on the beach. It’s called Surfing Chefs. Come for dinner March 9th 2016 at 6:30pm. Buy tickets and more here.

Seeya, uge

JJ, you lost your world 'Most tanned' title to this guy. Rio De Janeiro

They breed world champs here. Why? Good waves

Rocinha favela. 70,000 people live here.

She's got good curves

Fishing boats

Not bad view from the lunch table, Prainha

Unknown Brazilian shredder chasing after Gabs's title

Papo's boat

Looks like Hawaii to me.

Botanical garden tall palms

Ipanema to Leblon, tonight, from my hotel window

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